Chris used to work as an instructor in the army where he discovered his talent for shooting and firearms in general. This led him to the logical job in civilian life working with firearms, specifically military style weapons. Chris is an avid gun rights activist and a firearms enthusiast. He spends his spare time shooting and spending time with his son Xander.


Terry is ex-military. He can often found traveling gun show to gun shows.  Terry spends his spare time doing research on the financial markets and is an avid student of history and Egyptology.  He is pursuing a doctorate in Archeology.


Xander is 4 years old. Xander is learning about tools and watches his father work He is always attempting to mimic what he sees from using screw drivers to fitting parts together.  Through working closely with his Dada, he could read letters and numbers by the age of 2.  Xander insists on adding scopes and flashlights to his Nerf guns and dreams of owning a giant robot.



Dan works in the medical field and through his rotations in places such as Emergency rooms, he has seen the sad results of being unprepared.  As a result, Dan takes a great interest in survivialism and emergency planning, reading case studies of these events in his spare time.  Dan jokes that “I do not own guns, I rent them” because of his tendency to buy, try and sell everything he can.

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