The Basic Training course is broken down into 3 days.  Each day builds upon the knowledge gained during the day before.  The days can be stretched out over the course of 3 months to fit schedules; that is Day One can be taken and then a few weeks later Day Two and Three.

A pre-study package is provided prior to Day One and covers nomenclature, general knowledge and legal aspects of Canadian Firearms Law.

Day One focuses on the Rifle.  Loads, unloads, stoppage drills, marksmanship principles, stance and movement are all covered.  Day one does not require the student to have any guns ammo or equipment.  Day One is a great way to let someone try out shooting and decide if they want to progress further.


Day Two is mostly pistol related.  It covers many of the aspects covered on day one but with the addition of transitions and firing from cover.  Day two will place a moderate physical strain on the student.  By Day 2 it is expected that the student has his own Rifle and Pistol.


Day Three only lasts a few hours.  It is all practical and physically demanding.  It brings all the skills together and serves as a final conformation that the student has finished the basic course.

firearm training


firearm training


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